A Guide to: Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

Whether you're an accessory lover or a minimalist, bridal accessories are an important part to completing your wedding day look. From the veil to earrings to a simple, dainty bracelet, it's imperative to have the right pieces to bring your look together. Here's a guide we put together to help you navigate your journey across the wedding finish line!



Timing is key! Bridal accessories can take anywhere from 2-3 months to be made.

To give you that cushion, order your accessories 3 months out from when you will NEED THEM. This means, if you'll want them during your first try-on experience with the dress, order them 3 months before the dress is supposed to arrive. If you'll want them during your dress fittings (which start 6-8 weeks before your wedding), make sure you're getting them ordered 3 months prior to that. Same goes with any hair or makeup trials that you may want your accessories available for.

Make sure you're considering all aspects of your wedding when planning out all the details, and allow yourself plenty of time for the jewelry to get to you without having to stress!



Everyone has different taste and a different vision, but here are a few things to think about when deciding what pieces will complete your look the best:


There are so many options and customizations you can make when it comes to your veil. Here are few things to consider:

  • Length of veil - you'll want to consider the overall length. There are so many customizable lengths ranging from a cathedral veil cascading past your dress or a short veil just to the tips of your fingers.
  • Back of your dress - Consider the back of your dress when selecting the type of veil. If the back is one of the main attractions, i.e. low-back, you'll want to opt for a lighter material or possibly shorter in length.
  • Blusher - Some veils have a blusher in which you have the option to flip the veil over the front of your face. This can be a traditional choice or purely your personal preference.


  • One of the tips we suggest to brides, is to stay true to how much jewelry you're comfortable with wearing. If you're someone who wears minimal jewelry on a night out, don't decide to wear a huge, extravagant necklace on your wedding day, but rather opt for a less bold look.
  • Dress neckline - What kind of neckline does your dress have? If you have a strapless or sweetheart neckline, you can add a subtle necklace without overwhelming the dress. If you have a v-neck, you can add a longer plunging necklace to line the edges of your dress.


  • Hairstyle - The way you plan to style your hair will affect your earring selection. Everyone has a different preference, but make sure you keep your hairstyle in mind when trying on earrings. If your hair is up and showing your neck and shoulders, you may want to show off a little bling.


  • How beaded/simple is your dress by itself? If your dress is already adorned with beadwork or lace and has a lot going on by itself, you may want to tone down on the belt. Contrarily, if your dress is more simple with less texture, you'll be able to get away with more sparkle or bling when it comes to adding a belt.
  • Waist of dress - If your dress already has somewhat of a waistline, you can easily accentuate it by adding a detailed belt. However, if your dress does not have a waistline, you'll want to be careful not to interrupt the natural flow of the dress in anyway.


Don't forget that your dress should be the main showcase and all other pieces are there to accessorize!

And remember to relax and have some fun with it!

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