Feel the Romance

Chocolates and flowers are nice, but this Valentine's Day, embrace the ROMANCE with these tips and tricks. Whether you're keeping the fire alive or just starting a new flame, these tips are sure to bring romance to your relationship!



1. Experience Something New

Valentine's Day is about feeling the love, and what better way than to experience a brand new adventure together. We're talking about a new challenge or activity that's out of the ordinary for you both to face as one. Try a salsa dancing lesson, or maybe take a painting class together. Enjoying new activities together will make those sparks fly like it's the first date all over again.



Who doesn't love to relax?! Plan a couple's massage, a weekend getaway, or a pamper session at home- light the candles, sip some bubbly and take some time to unwind together. Feeling relaxed allows the two of you to connect on a deeper level and feel the LOVE!



3. Bring on the Sentiment!

Romance also relies heavily on being able to feel the passion. Think of an activity that will warm your connection like writing a letter to each other, creating a photo book of all your adventures together, or reminiscing about your past memories.


4. Go on Your First Date Again

Repeat the first date you ever went on together and get those sparks flying again! It will remind you of all the love and memories you've shared together throughout your relationship. Make reservations at the same restaurant, rent the same movie you saw together, or visit that same coffee shop you met in.





5. A Year Full of Romance

Relationships are about continuous effort and romance. Make a book of dates for every month of the year or create a vision board of what you want your year to look like with goals for you to accomplish together. Keeping that effort alive will keep the ROMANCE alive!


Bring the romance to your relationship by planning something that brings the two of you together!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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