5 Things You MUST Do with Your Honey this Holiday

Recently engaged or married?! Or maybe you just took the next serious step or maybe even started a new relationship? Whatever it may be, the holidays are a time of joy, appreciation, and LOVE! Here are some MUSTS to do this holiday season with that special person in your life.

#kjbride Tara wearing  Angel Rivera  | Photo by  Hannah Costello

#kjbride Tara wearing Angel Rivera | Photo by Hannah Costello

1. Spend time with each others family and friends

The holidays are all about spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. The best way to dive deeper into your relationship with your significant other is to spend time with their loved ones. Set aside some time to spend quality time together with those close relatives. You'll learn so much more about each other and also create a closer bond between everyone.

2. Hot chocolate date

Find the best cafe in your town with the best hot chocolate! It's simple, yet underrated. Sometimes we make dates so elaborate that we miss the point of them altogether- to emotionally and physically engage with each other. With a simple idea of grabbing hot chocolate together, it leaves the rest unwritten. Sit in the cafe for hours talking or grab your cups to go and walk around the town window shopping- the possibilities are endless.

3. Start a tradition together

The holidays are filled with traditions old and new. Making the holidays your own is what makes this time of year so special to celebrate. Start a new tradition with your love- something that brings you together and you can repeat for the years to come! You can go to a certain christmas tree farm each year, go watch the christmas tree lighting in the nearest town, watch a certain holiday movie together, or cook a festive meal. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that brings you two joy and excitement.

4. Ice Skating

There's nothing more that screams the holidays than ice skating. There are plenty of holiday ice rinks that pop up for the season, and they are almost always decorated with festive lights and music. Holding hands and kissing on the cold rink brings an added level of romance to date night! Try it out and watch the sparks fly!

5. Bake Cookies

Doing something that requires teamwork and communication is always a healthy activity for your relationship. Spend some time baking cookies or building gingerbread houses (or just decorating if baking is really not your thing). There's plenty of ideas on Pinterest...and, of course, the best part is obviously eating them after!

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