Gratitude in Your Love Life

This Thanksgiving, we're focusing on love! Especially with all the hectic activities that life (and the holidays) bring, it's important we give a little special thanks to our partner in life, our soulmate, our one and only. We put together some ways you can show appreciation and thanks to your lover this holiday season.  It's important you show gratitude in your love life always--but here are a couple activities you can do this Thanksgiving season!


1. Gratitude Letter

A simple letter listing all the things--big or little--that you're grateful for in your significant other and your relationship. Writing down and recognizing the things you're grateful for in one another will help keep a healthy mindset and balance in your relationship.

2. Plan a SURPRISE

Have each other surprise one another with something you know they'll LOVE! It can be an action, a gift, or a surprise date for the two of you to enjoy together!

3. Cook a Meal

Show your appreciation and love for your partner by preparing a home cooked meal for them. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or dessert), you can spoil your significant other by treating them to a nice hot meal!

4. Do a household chore

You know that one chore around the house that you both dread? Show your appreciation for your loved one by changing that light bulb, taking out the trash, or vacuuming the floors. Little acts of kindness around the house will show how grateful you are of the relationship and the home you've created together.

5. Start a gratitude jar

To make gratitude and appreciation apart of your everyday life and relationship, you can start a gratitude jar. Enter post-it notes of the things you're grateful for into a jar--anytime you'd like. Periodically pull out some notes and read them aloud to each other to be reminded of your appreciation for one another. Giving thanks shouldn't be just one day of the year, and this practice will help make gratefulness a habit in your relationship.


Written by: Samantha Townsend

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