#KJbride of the Week - Ife


Married on September 30th, 2018

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“We met nearly 10 years ago almost by happenstance on a summer night in August. Our meeting was serendipitous.” says bride, Ife, beginning her love story. She goes on to explain that there were several pivotal moments where her and John were able to connect, regardless of living far apart.

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Q & A with the Bride

  • Where did your inspiration for your wedding come from? Mostly Pinterest and the suggestions of our wedding planner Ciani Champion Carter

  • What was your favorite part of your wedding? DJ BOVA and the party at the reception 

  • Do you have any advice for future brides? Start early and definitely look into a venue that includes caterer instead of paying each separately 

  • How did you overcome any stressful moments? Deep breathing

making a mcmichael

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Just moments before the two said “I do”!

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mr & mrs

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The Love Story Continued

Following John's graduation, the two began to date more seriously, and on Ife's birthday, they became an item in Cozumel, Mexico. Ife and John have been inseparable since.  They've grown tremendously as individuals and even more as a unit. They've traveled abroad, ingratiated themselves with each other's families and friends, and have created so many lasting memories. The most recent memory came when John got down on one knee, willing to stain his trousers and crease his Ferragamo shoes, in order to propose. Ife, after having a hard time sitting on the park bench in order to hear John's proposal (because she had on white pants), said yes! 

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Florals- Foxgloves & Folly
Makeup- Felicia LaTour
Hair- Toy-Joan
Officiant- The Officiant Lady
Photogrrapher- Hannah Costello

Bride, Ife, wore a Blue Willow by Anne Barge gown called Anya. This stunning a-line showed off her waistline and allowed her to dance the night away.

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