#KJbride of the Week - Kate

kate + ross

Married on July 1, 2017


“He was born and raised in Scotland and to me, Scotland became the most romantic place in the world.  Robert Louis Stevenson once said: "Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be" and I think he was right ;) “




Her Favorite Moment

“Walking Down the Isle - I'm not a very emotional person and most of the weekend felt like it was in fast motion but when I stepped to walk down the isle, it was like the wind got knocked out of me (in a good way) and for a moment time stood still and the gravity and meaning of the entire weekend hit me and it was the most powerful moment of the wedding for me.”


The Story of How they Met…

“I was filming a pilot for a reality TV show about the dating app, The League (thankfully this never aired). Technically, I was on a blind date on camera (but it wasn't with Ross). He just happened to be at the very bar witnessing this bad ("horrendous" - in his words) date on film.  He didn't have a chance to interrupt although he did some solid investigating and managed to track me down the very next day.  I politely ignored his requests but Ross was persistent.  After a few weeks of him casually asking me out, I finally gave it a shot. 

Our first date was 14 hours long (a road trip up the coast of California) and really instantly ... I knew this was something special. For date two, we jetted off to LA for the weekend and by date three we were utterly in love.   Our relationship from the very beginning was filled with spontaneous travel, constant romance, and adventure.  It took a mere 8 months (and about 24 flights) with trips to Scotland, Montana, Montauk, LA, Austin, Detroit, Miami, Manhattan, Sarasota, Palm Springs, and Chicago before we got engaged in Australia.  

I had joined Ross on one of his work trips.  Although I had grown quite accustomed to his spontaneity he surprised me one morning by hiring a seaplane to take us to a private island a short distance from Sydney. It felt like a scene out of Bond movie, we laid on the beach, drank rosé, watched giant lizards scurry by while eating grapes and taking turns jumping into the shark infested water (we found out about the sharks later). And although it was pure magic, I wasn't expecting it in the slightest when he dropped to one knee and proposed with a beautiful 1920's vintage emerald and diamond ring. “


the dress

“The hardest part about getting married for me was figuring out what to wear down the aisle.  This is especially tough when you are competing with a man in a Kilt.  Kilts are steeped in tradition and also happen to contain every single primary color.  Ross's custom kilt, made by an old kilt maker in Edinburgh, was no exception containing Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow.  So what in the world do I wear alongside that?

The only thing I knew is that I wanted an Israeli designer as I found them to be the best with beading and details, although I struggled to find a dress with the right balance of edge and class.  Kinsley James helped me land on the perfect Liz Martinez dress (I went to over 10 bridal boutiques including flying to Kleinfeld's in the hunt).  I worked with a local tailor to further customize it with an overskirt.  I am inspired by old Hollywood glam and was looking for something that would seem timeless yet showstopping at the same time.  I didn't want to be outdone by a kilt or lost in any of the grand Scottish locations.  I think it did the trick however, I still think Ross in his bespoke kilt and our 30+ American male guests who dawned traditional Highland dress really stole the show. ;)”


Congratulations to Kate & Ross McLeod!