Feel the Romance

Chocolates and flowers are nice, but this Valentine's Day, embrace the ROMANCE with these tips and tricks. Whether you're keeping the fire alive or just starting a new flame, these tips are sure to bring romance to your relationship!



1. Experience Something New

Valentine's Day is about feeling the love, and what better way than to experience a brand new adventure together. We're talking about a new challenge or activity that's out of the ordinary for you both to face as one. Try a salsa dancing lesson, or maybe take a painting class together. Enjoying new activities together will make those sparks fly like it's the first date all over again.



Who doesn't love to relax?! Plan a couple's massage, a weekend getaway, or a pamper session at home- light the candles, sip some bubbly and take some time to unwind together. Feeling relaxed allows the two of you to connect on a deeper level and feel the LOVE!



3. Bring on the Sentiment!

Romance also relies heavily on being able to feel the passion. Think of an activity that will warm your connection like writing a letter to each other, creating a photo book of all your adventures together, or reminiscing about your past memories.


4. Go on Your First Date Again

Repeat the first date you ever went on together and get those sparks flying again! It will remind you of all the love and memories you've shared together throughout your relationship. Make reservations at the same restaurant, rent the same movie you saw together, or visit that same coffee shop you met in.





5. A Year Full of Romance

Relationships are about continuous effort and romance. Make a book of dates for every month of the year or create a vision board of what you want your year to look like with goals for you to accomplish together. Keeping that effort alive will keep the ROMANCE alive!


Bring the romance to your relationship by planning something that brings the two of you together!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wedding Dress Resolutions

It's that time of year where you'll be coming up with resolutions for the New Year, but especially if you're getting married in the near future, there's a couple more checklists you'll have to complete this year. Here's a checklist and timeline for your wedding dress and accessories that you can follow throughout 2018.

CAWorkshopShootthreefilm (14 of 21).jpg

Wedding gown

  • Initial appointment(s) - 9 to 12 months out

-Make your initial appointment 9-12 months out from your wedding if the length of your engagement allows. Planning a wedding is like having a whole other part-time job, so the more you can reduce stress, the more you'll enjoy the process. Ease the wedding dress process by giving yourself plenty of time to do research, try on gowns, and make that big decision.

(Also keep in mind that our gowns take 5-7 months to be made and we give 2 months for alterations on top of that.)

  • Try-on

-Once your dress comes in, your wedding will finally feel like it's becoming a reality! You'll get that email from us, and you're more than welcome to try on the beauty with family or friends around!

  • Alterations - 6 to 8 weeks out

-Most dresses will need to have alterations, including hemming, lining, or bustling the gown. The first alteration session should ideally happen 6-8 weeks before your wedding date followed by any second or third sessions.


  • BUY - 8 to 10 weeks out

-Accessories including headpieces, veils, and belts should be ordered at least 8 weeks out giving enough time to receive everything in time for the big day.


This New Year, you'll have a clear vision of when to get your wedding dress and what the timeline will look like, so you can plan accordingly. Decreasing stress by planning ahead will ensure you have a successful and ENJOYABLE wedding experience.



Gowns Fit for a Winter Wedding

Winter is almost here - the most romantic time of year to say "I do".  Get ready to plan your winter wedding with these dresses that will transport you to winter wonderland and back.

GALA by Galia Lahav

GALA 906


These pretty little caped sleeves are a perfect touch for a winter wedding, offering an elegant alternative to a sleeve. As part of Galia Lahav's GALA IV collection, this gown exudes a winter wonderland feeling.

Available at our upcoming Trunk Show

Walnut Creek: January 26th-28th

Liz Martinez


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.59.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.01.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.01.31 PM.png

These delicate sleeves are perfect for a winter/fall wedding with intricate detail that softens the whole look. This gown is perfect for a bride searching for that whimsical yet elegant feel on their wedding day.

Available at our upcoming Trunk Shows

West Hollywood: January 19-21

Walnut Creek: January 12-14

Galia Lahav

Ms. Genesis

Ms. Genesis back.jpg
Ms. Genesis.jpg

This gown screams winter princess! The intricate detail, huge long train, and detachable frilly sleeves give off a graceful, sophisticated winter feel without having long, restricting sleeves.

Available at our Upcoming Trunk Show

Walnut Creek: January 19-21

Angel Rivera



Part of Angel Rivera's NEW collection, Flores, the Glamor gown is the perfect winter wedding goddess gown. With lace, off-the-shoulder sleeves, it adds just enough detail for an enchanted winter look that is sure to be a showstopper!

Available at our upcoming trunk show

West Hollywood: January 26th - 28th

5 Things You MUST Do with Your Honey this Holiday

Recently engaged or married?! Or maybe you just took the next serious step or maybe even started a new relationship? Whatever it may be, the holidays are a time of joy, appreciation, and LOVE! Here are some MUSTS to do this holiday season with that special person in your life.

#kjbride Tara wearing Angel Rivera | Photo by Hannah Costello

#kjbride Tara wearing Angel Rivera | Photo by Hannah Costello

1. Spend time with each others family and friends

The holidays are all about spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. The best way to dive deeper into your relationship with your significant other is to spend time with their loved ones. Set aside some time to spend quality time together with those close relatives. You'll learn so much more about each other and also create a closer bond between everyone.

2. Hot chocolate date

Find the best cafe in your town with the best hot chocolate! It's simple, yet underrated. Sometimes we make dates so elaborate that we miss the point of them altogether- to emotionally and physically engage with each other. With a simple idea of grabbing hot chocolate together, it leaves the rest unwritten. Sit in the cafe for hours talking or grab your cups to go and walk around the town window shopping- the possibilities are endless.

3. Start a tradition together

The holidays are filled with traditions old and new. Making the holidays your own is what makes this time of year so special to celebrate. Start a new tradition with your love- something that brings you together and you can repeat for the years to come! You can go to a certain christmas tree farm each year, go watch the christmas tree lighting in the nearest town, watch a certain holiday movie together, or cook a festive meal. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that brings you two joy and excitement.

4. Ice Skating

There's nothing more that screams the holidays than ice skating. There are plenty of holiday ice rinks that pop up for the season, and they are almost always decorated with festive lights and music. Holding hands and kissing on the cold rink brings an added level of romance to date night! Try it out and watch the sparks fly!

5. Bake Cookies

Doing something that requires teamwork and communication is always a healthy activity for your relationship. Spend some time baking cookies or building gingerbread houses (or just decorating if baking is really not your thing). There's plenty of ideas on Pinterest...and, of course, the best part is obviously eating them after!

Gratitude in Your Love Life

This Thanksgiving, we're focusing on love! Especially with all the hectic activities that life (and the holidays) bring, it's important we give a little special thanks to our partner in life, our soulmate, our one and only. We put together some ways you can show appreciation and thanks to your lover this holiday season.  It's important you show gratitude in your love life always--but here are a couple activities you can do this Thanksgiving season!


1. Gratitude Letter

A simple letter listing all the things--big or little--that you're grateful for in your significant other and your relationship. Writing down and recognizing the things you're grateful for in one another will help keep a healthy mindset and balance in your relationship.

2. Plan a SURPRISE

Have each other surprise one another with something you know they'll LOVE! It can be an action, a gift, or a surprise date for the two of you to enjoy together!

3. Cook a Meal

Show your appreciation and love for your partner by preparing a home cooked meal for them. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or dessert), you can spoil your significant other by treating them to a nice hot meal!

4. Do a household chore

You know that one chore around the house that you both dread? Show your appreciation for your loved one by changing that light bulb, taking out the trash, or vacuuming the floors. Little acts of kindness around the house will show how grateful you are of the relationship and the home you've created together.

5. Start a gratitude jar

To make gratitude and appreciation apart of your everyday life and relationship, you can start a gratitude jar. Enter post-it notes of the things you're grateful for into a jar--anytime you'd like. Periodically pull out some notes and read them aloud to each other to be reminded of your appreciation for one another. Giving thanks shouldn't be just one day of the year, and this practice will help make gratefulness a habit in your relationship.


Written by: Samantha Townsend

Wedding Favors that Keep on Giving

Your wedding day is, of course, about YOU and your fiance, but part of it is making sure you create a memorable experience for your guests. These unique wedding favors ensure your guests will leave with a gift that will remind them of the love you've built and the unforgettable day you shared together!


Wine Stopper

There are so many different types of wine stoppers out there--you can find a personalized one that fits perfectly into your wedding theme. Whether you want to inscribe your monogram onto it or your last name, these wine stoppers are the perfect conventional gift! Click here to check out the designs.


Personalized Candles

Everybody loves candles, so why not customize a little candle for your guests to enjoy at home. Pick a scent that fits the season or your wedding theme and your favor will be a perfect reminder of your love story. Click here to check out their designs. 


Custom Glasses

Whether it's wine glasses or mason jars, a customized drinking glass is a perfect touch to create a memorable wedding favor. If you have more of a farm/ranch style wedding, you can go with these cute mason jars, or opt for stemless wine glasses if your wedding has a more traditional vibe. Click here to check out their designs.


Let Love Grow

Provide your guests with a favor that keeps on giving! With a personalized seed packet, your guests can plant their own flowers that can grow into something beautiful! Click here to check out their designs.


Meant to Bee

We are obsessed with the play on words this little favor has! It's perfect for that outdoor summer wedding or to remind your guests that your love is as sweet as honey! Click here to check out their designs.


Written by: Samantha Townsend

Together We Stand!

We are incredibly saddened with the devastation that's hitting our Northern neighbors. With many  homes, restaurants, and wineries burnt down and families displaced, we're at a loss for words.

It's together that we can rise again after tragedy hits and it's so important that we support those affected! We have been searching for families and individuals of the Sonoma/Napa area that were impacted by these horrific fires and are in need of extra help from the community.

Please read their stories below and visit their GoFundMe links--anything helps to get these families back on their feet!


Amanda Cream

Amanda Cream is a #kjbride and had everything all set to marry the man of her dreams. With the area and her home up in flames, she had to postpone her whole wedding.

Here is her story:


"This week was supposed to be the happiest week of our lives . Our wedding week. But at 1:30 this morning, we were awoke with the smell of smoke. We had no time to pack, we grabbed our dogs and as much as we could and left. We lost everything. Clothes, shoes, household items, everything. We had a wedding registry, but these extra fun items aren’t needed any longer. Instead, we are asking for donations, clothing, some household items, toiletries, dog items. Anything and everything helps right now. We are so grateful to be alive, but now it is time to move forward. Thank you All for your love and support."

Click here to donate to Amanda!


"The Reece family have worked tirelessly to build their lives and their dreams together. To have their home taken from them so suddenly, and to have suffered so much loss in the wake of this tragedy, is simply unimaginable and heartbreaking. 

Andrew & Rachael's home was one of the many homes destroyed by the horrific 'Coffee Park' firestorm that swept through Santa Rosa, CA on 10/08 & 10/09/17. The picture above is what remains of their home today. 

This campaign serves to provide a new sense of hope and security for an amazing young family of three, who just settled into their first home with their beautiful daughter, Kendal, only five months old. 

This fund is being created to help Andrew & Rachael find their footing again, and to begin the long process of rebuilding their home, their family, their lives, and their future. 

All contributions/donations will be tranferred directly to the Reece family."

Click here to donate to the family!


"Zach, Pauline,  Briella  and Josh Block lost everything they owned last night when their house literally burned to the ground  in the devastating  fires in Santa Rosa. They were forced to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back in the middle of the night. They are a young family just starting out and it would be so great to help them with clothing, necessities etc. until they get on their feet. Their hearts are broken due to this total loss.

Please help with any donation you can,  everything counts.

Lets do all we can to help out this young beautiful family!"

Click here to donate to the family!


"Emily, Todd & Talia purchased their house less than a year ago in the Coffey Subdivision, and just finished moving  a lifetime  of irreplaceable treasures, and belongings. The last couple of years have been rough for them - in a year's time Emily lost her Mom and then her Dad and they were on their way to recovery and enjoying life. 

A knock on the door at 1:30 am on Monday changed their lives again. They were told there was a fire and  to evacuate immediately, no chance to grab anything. 

Emily, Todd and Talia left with only "Chops" (stuff animal) and "Blankie" (blanket) .  Minutes later, their house and neighborhood was on the news - the fire had destroyed the neighborhood - no houses remained. When the Careys returned to their home, It was gone, all that remained was the foundation and 2 antique ceramic pitchers that belonged to her mother. 

Emily is a florist, Todd works in the pool business. Along with all their personal belongings, their business supplies, laptops, and Johnson's pool and spa truck perished. 10 long years of hard work up in smoke and she must complete the upcoming wedding events already booked. 

Thank you in advance for helping my cousins, and know that her family is doing everything they can to help her and the beautiful Sonoma County we grew up in."

Click here to donate to the family!

Wedding Dreams Can Come True Even With A Small Budget

There is a reason why there so many artistic, crafty, and smart people in the wedding industry. This is one of the very few industries where a photographer, organizer, baker, decorator, and all the others can express their skills and make dreams come true for their clients.

This is why weddings cost so much because everyone involved has a reason to make their part of your wedding perfect.


Honeymoon Registries

Honeyfund is the most popular wedding registry site in the world. Honeyfund is a free Crowdfunding site specifically for the couple.  It is also free for the gift givers and they can do it from their computer or iPhone. When a couple creates a Honeyfund account, they create a way for their family and friends to give them wedding gifts that they really want. The couple sets up the fund and shows their guests what they are trying to accomplish.


They may have a wish for a very special wedding gown that is made to fit or a special dress for a junior bridesmaid. They link the site to the gown of her dreams, and her guests contribute the money they have set aside for their gifting and the funds grow until the dream dress becomes a reality.

The bride is happy and the guests are thrilled to gift something special. Other parts of the wedding, honeymoon, travel, and reception can be included in the Honeyfund.

The bride can let the gift giver feel even better about helping with the gown by listing her intentions for the gown after the wedding. She may explain that the dress will be kept and handed down through future generations. Or she may announce her plans to donate the dress to a bride who is less fortunate, or to a group that uses the beautiful fabric to make lovely gowns and bonnets for babies who became angels at birth.

In any event, the guest will know that they are part of making your dreams and others dreams come true and what greater joy is that?


Another special part of a wedding is the photography. When the wedding finally comes together and the couple knows their dream is about to be their reality, they want the best photographer. The professional photographer will have a website and portfolio to show potential customers and their guests the packages that will memorialize this special occasion. Guests simply gift the couple the funds they intended for the traditional gift, and together they build the funds to have these wonderful memories forever.

Cutting costs but never style

Wedding cakes have been a long-standing tradition. But in recent years they are moving over and making way for the beautiful and colorful candy buffet. They are glamorous easy to put together and simply beautiful with colorful candies.


Other Honeyfund ideas

A couple may choose a smaller wedding and their Honeyfund will reflect that. They may ask for contributions for a special family to travel from other countries to attend their celebration. Or they may ask for contributions to be made to assist a friend or family member who is suffering illness or financial setback.

Here are a few ideas that have been seen on Honeyfund accounts:

  • Donations to charity
  • Donations to planet conservation organizations
  • Funds to use as a downpayment on a home
  • Paying off student loans and other debt
  • Remodeling or adding a nursery to a home
  • College fund contributions for children

Of course, your Honeyfund for traditional gifts as well. Do you want a special coffee maker, a nice bedding set, or a television for the living room? You can list those things and link them to the stores they can find them.


Author Bio:

Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

Hurricane Relief

With Hurricane Harvey leaving Texas in ruins and Hurricane Irma still in the midst of its violence through Florida and neighboring areas, the rest of the country is left wondering how we can help. Sometimes, it's difficult to give donations not knowing exactly where your money is going. Here, we have a list of transparent and accountable charities you can donate to worry-free.

Tip: If you want to do research about certain charities on your own, Charity Navigator ranks and reviews all legitimate charities on the local and national level.



Hurricane Harvey

We are all devastated with the outcome of Hurricane Harvey. With the worst over, there is still SO much recovery left to do. From rebuilding homes, roads, and communities, to housing and feeding those in need, there are many ways we can give back to those affected. Below are a few local and national charities that you can trust will put your donation to proper use.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund -

Mayor Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett have established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that will accept tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims affected by the recent floods. The fund will be housed at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Houston Food Bank -

Provide meals for hungry neighbors during this time of crisis. Just $75 will provide 225 nutritious meals for those in need!

Houston SPCA -

Your donation will help rescue and care for thousands of animals left homeless in Hurricane Harvey's wake. 

American Red Cross -

Provide shelter, food and water to people affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey by donating money to either one on their website.


Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma still violently storms though Florida, many charities are working hard to provide food, water, shelter and medical service to those in the storm's path. Take some time out of your day to checkout these charities below and donate even a small amount to help families and communities in need.

Catholic Relief Services -

For International relief, the CRS provides emergency shelter, water and critical supplies for families in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Caribbean Islands. 

Americares -

For every $10 you donate, they will provide $200 in aid. They're responding to the urgent needs of people in Hurricane Irma’s path, but they're also still in Texas, distributing water, aid and mobilizing medical outreach with our local partners.

Heart to Heart International -

While HHI continues to provide free heath clinics for thousands of hurricane victims in Houston, simultaneous preparations for Hurricane Irma have already begun. Prior to Irma making landfall, they pre-positioned a mobile medical unit, along with medical teams, medicines and supplies.


Even with so many people affected by these deadly natural disasters, we can all come together to make our contributions and help those in need!


Written by: Samantha Townsend


The Kinsley James Team is built on love, support and friendship. Everyday we help each other grow in and out of the store. It is with this support and passion that we are able to provide strong and personal customer service to our brides and guests. In many ways, we are a family.

These past couple days were spent in a beautiful lake house, where we cultivated and strengthened our relationship as coworkers, friends and as a team. Check out how the #KJGIRLS bonded!


to Lake Tahoe

morning VIEW

right on the lake


Breakfast, lunch, and cleanup crews


At beautiful Van Sickle Park



Fun in the sun


Morning Yoga on the lakE

with Instructor Janay

Sunset Dinner

at the lake house

We bonded, we connected, and we worked as a team!

#KJGIRLS are passionate, hardworking, and creative individuals and we are all proud to be apart of the KJ family!

Special thank you to Dawn & Amber for putting together such a special trip!

-The KJ Team

KJLA Grand Opening!

After hours and hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, Kinsley James Los Angeles is officially open for business! To celebrate the launch of our new location, we held a Grand Opening Party! The setup was beautiful thanks to the many vendors that worked with us to make this event so special.

All signage done by Maria Pereira with A Touch of Grace Events

All signage done by Maria Pereira with A Touch of Grace Events

All photos taken by the talented Joe Kim Studio

All photos taken by the talented Joe Kim Studio

Hosted by designer Anne Barge and President Shawne Jacobs, we had several gorgeous models donning Anne's beautiful designs.

Designer Anne barge (left) and Anne Barge Owner and President (right)

Designer Anne barge (left) and Anne Barge Owner and President (right)

Model - Jasmine Kraus

Model - Jasmine Kraus

Model - Edna Ramirez

Model - Edna Ramirez

Model - Priyanka Samra

Model - Priyanka Samra

Model - Amy Flander

Model - Amy Flander

We also had the super talented and inspirational author, blogger, and stylist Anne Sage in the building (pictured in white)!

From the left: KJ Owner Amber Silva, Author Anne Sage, Designer Anne Barge, President & Owner Shawne Jacobs, and KJ Owner Dawn Silva Rigney

From the left: KJ Owner Amber Silva, Author Anne Sage, Designer Anne Barge, President & Owner Shawne Jacobs, and KJ Owner Dawn Silva Rigney

Sweet E's Bakeshop's beautiful cake was the perfect showstopper for our Grand Opening. Just look at the detail! They also provided delicious treats for our dessert table!

KinsleyJames LA Grand Opening (Web_Social Media)-049.jpg

Bouquets on bouquets! These amazing flowers were done by Posh Peony and looked excellent with the color scheme of the whole party.

The mouth-watering appetizers were done by Jonathan Pimentel Catering. 

  • Braised beef with mustard aioli au jus, garnished with dill, and served with a dehydrated potato chip
  • Jerk chicken confit served on top of a plantain chip, and garnished with pickled onion
  • Shrimp ceviche with garlic, onions, mini bell pepper trio, lemon, lime, tomato, and served on top of cucumber

Talented LA bartenders Nick Estep and Suzy Franco served beautifully prepared drinks garnished with edible flowers. The drinks were a huge hit!

Signature Cocktails:

The Classy Annegin, lemon, maraschino liquer, and creme de violet

Kinsley's Main Squeeze - vodka, lemon, curcao, and grenadine

The James - bourbon, maraschino liquer, orange, and angostura bitters

#KJ Girls! The Kinsley James Teams from Walnut Creek and Los Angeles are all a huge part of the business and help make Kinsley James a success one bride at a time!

Special thanks to Amanda Tonkin with A Touch of Grace for helping plan this event and coordinating such a special night for Kinsley James! We couldn't have done it without you!

KJ Owners Amber Silva and Dawn Silva Rigney

Amber Silva (on left) & Dawn Silva Rigney (on right)

Amber Silva (on left) & Dawn Silva Rigney (on right)

Special thanks to everyone who took part in our Opening Party and made celebrating our new location such a blast!


We are so excited to work with our Southern California brides and can't wait to make some #KJbrides in West Hollywood!

Make an appointment at our new location by calling (323) 337-4305 or emailing us at la@kinsleyjames.com

Top Inspirational Wedding Blogs

Coming up with wedding ideas and creating visions of your big day can be such a headache! We've compiled a list of our FAVORITE and most inspirational wedding blogs that will help steer you down the right path when you get stuck.


1. 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake captures not only weddings, but other celebratory events like birthdays, baby showers, and more! They collaborate with talented creatives and supply their readers with DIY projects, wedding ideas, and showcase real, beautiful brides on their magical wedding days. 

"Our uniquely curated content resonates deeply with our loyal audience of brides, industry professionals, and women who love a well-styled life."

Real Bride Marianne

Real Bride Marianne


2. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty has become one of the main wedding blogs in recent years, featuring real brides, inspirational wedding themes, and even an advice section to help you plan through the details of your wedding. Abby Larson, editor and founder of Style Me Pretty, has a creative eye for spotting the most chic and style centric wedding inspirations. For all things wedding related, Style Me Pretty offers many resources for the bride-to-be, whether you're just starting out or you're finishing your last touches.


3. Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes focuses on showcasing all different types and styles of weddings. "Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate wedding on a farm, a weekend camping adventure or a handmade wedding in a loft, we love them all!" The main goal of GWS is to showcase love--the foundation of the GWS blog itself. Jen and Jason founded GWS after they got married themselves and spotted a gap in the wedding blog industry. It is from this base that GWS is able to generate inspiration and insight on how to bring your dream wedding to life!


4. Grey Likes Weddings

Grey Likes Weddings is an inspirational wedding platform that will guide you through every step of the wedding planning process. From the beginning of your engagement to your honeymoon, Grey Likes has an abundance of tips, inspiration, and advice on how to create that image in your head! Lady Grey, stylist extraordinaire Summer Watkins has an eye for classic, sophisticated and timeless weddings that she compiles and blogs for the well-styled bride.

"In a world of muted tones and watercolor, the Grey Likes brand is a refreshing, fun, and unexpected approach to wedding inspiration!"


5. ruffled blog

Ruffled Blog is a must-see for the always-on-trend bride. Ruffled Blog showcases daily inspirations, wedding hacks, and a complete list of vendors by location. They blog many great ideas for throwing all your different wedding parties--engagement parties, bridal showers (see below), bachelor(ette) parties and more! Ruffled Blog also started their own wedding recycling program, Recycle Your Wedding, which allows newlyweds to buy and sell gently loved wedding decor right online!

Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas - Mimosa Bar!

Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas - Mimosa Bar!


6. The Bridal Theory

Saving the best for last, The Bridal Theory offers inspiration in all areas of the bridal industry--beauty, fashion, boudoir, florals, and much more! For DIY projects, creative engagement shoots, or inspiration boards, head on over to The Bridal Theory to gain a clear concept on all things wedding related.

"Our goal for couples is a beautiful and joyous experience planning their special day,  surrounded by top notch vendors and experts in the wedding industry."

Written by Samantha Townsend

5 Tips to Reduce Wedding Stress

We get it, wedding planning is STRESSFUL! Saying yes to the dress is just a minute detail in the whole grand scheme of planning your wedding. To make the best out of planning your big day, we've covered 5 tips to reduce stress during all the wedding madness!

Real KJ bride Courtney | Photo by Danielle Poff

Real KJ bride Courtney | Photo by Danielle Poff


1. Define specific times for wedding planning

As with anything stressful in life, you must be able to put aside your worries and concerns and take a breather. Set a defined time each week or each day dedicated to planning your wedding. This will allow you to completely focus on planning your special day. When that time is up, put everything aside and allow yourself to relax on all the bridal business and tend to other aspects of your life. Practicing this will help to compartmentalize the stresses of your planning yet still keep the ball rolling on all the wedding preparation.

Real KJ bride | Photo by Vivian Sachs

Real KJ bride | Photo by Vivian Sachs

2. Have a separate calendar

Having a whole separate planner/schedule solely for your wedding planning is an absolute must to keep organized during all the mess. Preparing ahead and planning out dates, making to do lists, and checking things off will help to keep your head on your shoulders and your stress levels down. The more you plan out in advance, the more relaxed you will be closer to the big date!

Click here to purchase this Kate Spade wedding planner!

Click here to purchase this Kate Spade wedding planner!

3. Don't be afraid to delegate

A lot of wedding stress comes from the bride feeling overwhelmed with ALL the different hats she has to wear during the process. There are so many aspects that make up a wedding, and to relieve some of these stressors, it's crucial that you delegate some of these tasks. Of course you want to be apart of every little detail, but to relieve stress, you can't possibly do it all. Delegate tasks like picking up items, ordering materials online, or dealing with unexpected problems with vendors. This will lift a lot off your plate, so you can focus on the big ticket decisions. 

Real KJ bride Stephanie | Photo by Aimi Duong

Real KJ bride Stephanie | Photo by Aimi Duong

4. Remember, nothing and no one is perfect

It's easy to get wrapped up in all the details of the wedding, but you have to remember to keep realistic expectations. Nothing is perfect, and it's important to continuously step back from all the madness to keep things in perspective. When you're feeling overwhelmed or not everything is turning out how you envisioned it, take a break. Do something you love to do. Read a book. Go on a walk. Do anything else that will allow you to look at your wedding day from a different lens. Everything will come together in the end, and it's important to realize that not everything will turn out exactly how you envisioned--but usually better.

Real KJ bride Julie | Photo by Ultraspective

Real KJ bride Julie | Photo by Ultraspective

5. Stay positive!

Every step of planning your wedding should be thought of positively. Be thankful for even the hectic and crazy times. When you look back, you'll realize that all those little moments, good and bad, are what made your wedding YOURS! In the end, it's about your future husband, your family and friends, and your future family. Keep a positive mindset throughout all the planning and enjoy even the little things that don't turn out so perfectly. Keeping a healthy attitude throughout the planning is what will make everything so special and memorable on your wedding day!

Real KJ bride Shari | Photo by Ana & Jerome

Real KJ bride Shari | Photo by Ana & Jerome

-Written by Samantha Townsend

Popping the Question to your Bride Tribe

Bridesmaids are a huge part of your wedding. They help you plan, celebrate, and stay calm throughout all the wedding stress! More and more, we're seeing new and creative ways to pop the question to your clan of bridesmaids. Whether you do it big or keep in minimal, it's important to make this a special and personal moment. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Customized champagne bottles

DigiBuddhaShop offers such unique gifts to offer your bridesmaids. What's better than a customized champagne bottle for your friends to enjoy over a girl's night?! There are many label options the website offers, starting at only $12 per bottle!

DigiBuddha-- Click here to view all their wonderful patterns!

2. Robes

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.50.15 AM.png

This is the perfect time to give your bridesmaids a cute, satin robe to wear during the pre-wedding hair and makeup session! Pictures in your robes together will be a highlight of your wedding. Plus, how CUTE are these?!

 Click here to view the other patterns!

3. Compact Mirrors

These customized compact mirrors are perfect for your girls! This is something they can hold onto forever and be reminded of your friendship for years to come.

You can find the Etsy link here, where you can buy 6 customized compacts for $57!

4. Jewelry

What girl doesn't love a nice pair of earrings?! Especially ones that could go with their future bridesmaid dress! ForTheMaids has different colors, styles, and types of jewelry, all geared toward gifts to your loved ones throughout all your wedding festivities. They even have jewelry for your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law!

Find this pair, along with many other options and sayings, on Etsy by clicking here.

5. Proposal Time!

It's finally time to ask your tribe if they accept your proposal of being your bridesmaid! After putting all your gifts into a gift box, a thoughtful card, like this one from Zazzle, is a nice (and darling) gesture that hardly anybody can say no to!

Find these adorable cards here, with other color options and customizable sayings on the backside!

By Samantha Townsend

Spring 2018 Bridal Trends

After a busy week in New York City attending Bridal Fashion Week, owners and bridal extraordinaires, Amber and Dawn share their views on what's new in the bridal world. Blown away from the Spring 2018 collections that were released, they noticed many unique trends on the runway for the season.

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!

The Spring 2018 bridal collections took everyone by surprise this year in NYC. "Thinking the trends were going to go entirely simple, clean and classic this market, bridal designers stunned everyone with SPARKLE! It was a tug of war between clean and sparkle like you've never seen before," says Amber.

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Galia Lahav - Photo via Brides Magazine

Galia Lahav - Photo via Brides Magazine

Victorian Influences

Designers like Galia Lahav and Idan Cohen embraced styles from the timeless and distinctive Victorian era. Everything from "ruffles, high collars and dramatic shoulders were seen on the runway this week," says Dawn. Not surprisingly, this daring twist turned many heads this past week in NYC.

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Galia Lahav - Photo via The Knot

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Sleeves are here to stay

Sleeves have not left the bridal world yet and were seen all over NYC this past weekend! Often paired with a high neck, playing off the Victorian trend as shown above, we're excited to see a beautiful new twist on the long sleeved wedding gown this season.

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Idan Cohen - Photo via Brides Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Galia Lahav - Photo via Brides Magazine

Galia Lahav - Photo via Brides Magazine

Sixties Influences

A trend that was very prominent this collection was a very 60's influenced style. Models donned the runway with "beehive buns and long white gloves paired with a more classic styled gown," says Amber. Designers Anne Barge and Anna Maier both displayed these 60's inspired styles that embody an Audrey Hepburn-esque feel.

Anne Barge - Photo via Brides Magazine

Anne Barge - Photo via Brides Magazine

Anne Barge - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Anne Barge - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Anne Barge - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Anne Barge - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Anna Maier - Photo via WWD Magazine

Anna Maier - Photo via WWD Magazine

Anna Maier - Photo via WWD Magazine

Anna Maier - Photo via WWD Magazine

a touch of Black

Black is the new white! Accents of black were all over the runways this season in NYC! From belts to jewelry to the trimming of the gown, black is a color no one was expecting to see this much of. "Marchesa incorporated a subtle, but consistent amount of black accessories throughout their Spring 2018 collection," says Dawn. Needless to say, it's a bold, but very edgy move!

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photo via Vogue Magazine

Romona Keveza - Photo via The Knot

Romona Keveza - Photo via The Knot

Justin Alexander - Photo via Brides Magazine

Justin Alexander - Photo via Brides Magazine

Bows, Bows, and More Bows!

Rivini, Marchesa, Anna Maier, and Blue Willow all complemented their gowns with BOWS--ranging from huge eloquent bows to smaller accent bows. A one-of-a-kind look that we're happy to see this time around!

Marchesa - Photo via Amber Silva

Marchesa - Photo via Amber Silva

Marchesa - Photo via Amber SIlva

Marchesa - Photo via Amber SIlva

Marchesa - Photos via Vogue Magazine

Marchesa - Photos via Vogue Magazine

Oscar de la Renta - Photo via Brides Magazine

Oscar de la Renta - Photo via Brides Magazine

Rivini by Rita Vinieris - Photo via Brides Magazine

Rivini by Rita Vinieris - Photo via Brides Magazine

By Samantha Townsend

KJ Bride - Kristine

Sebastian and Kristine's wedding at Calamigos Ranch in the heart of Malibu Wine Country has everything we love about weddings - elegance, classic touches and top-notch style! Kristine wore KJ Designer, Angel Rivera, for her flawless event. This trumpet lace gown with a horsehair trim skirt captures this bride's exquisite taste. Through the lens of Heather East Photography, let's take a glimpse into Kristine's perfect day!

Dress | Angel Rivera from Kinsley James Couture Bridal

Photography | Heather East Photography

Venue | Calamigos Ranch

Hair & Makeup | Marissa Garcia from Bliss Bridal Beauty

Floral Design | Tiana Scharf from The Exotic Green Garden

Coordination |  Angela Mitchell from Love & Elegance