Together We Stand!

We are incredibly saddened with the devastation that's hitting our Northern neighbors. With many  homes, restaurants, and wineries burnt down and families displaced, we're at a loss for words.

It's together that we can rise again after tragedy hits and it's so important that we support those affected! We have been searching for families and individuals of the Sonoma/Napa area that were impacted by these horrific fires and are in need of extra help from the community.

Please read their stories below and visit their GoFundMe links--anything helps to get these families back on their feet!


Amanda Cream

Amanda Cream is a #kjbride and had everything all set to marry the man of her dreams. With the area and her home up in flames, she had to postpone her whole wedding.

Here is her story:


"This week was supposed to be the happiest week of our lives . Our wedding week. But at 1:30 this morning, we were awoke with the smell of smoke. We had no time to pack, we grabbed our dogs and as much as we could and left. We lost everything. Clothes, shoes, household items, everything. We had a wedding registry, but these extra fun items aren’t needed any longer. Instead, we are asking for donations, clothing, some household items, toiletries, dog items. Anything and everything helps right now. We are so grateful to be alive, but now it is time to move forward. Thank you All for your love and support."

Click here to donate to Amanda!


"The Reece family have worked tirelessly to build their lives and their dreams together. To have their home taken from them so suddenly, and to have suffered so much loss in the wake of this tragedy, is simply unimaginable and heartbreaking. 

Andrew & Rachael's home was one of the many homes destroyed by the horrific 'Coffee Park' firestorm that swept through Santa Rosa, CA on 10/08 & 10/09/17. The picture above is what remains of their home today. 

This campaign serves to provide a new sense of hope and security for an amazing young family of three, who just settled into their first home with their beautiful daughter, Kendal, only five months old. 

This fund is being created to help Andrew & Rachael find their footing again, and to begin the long process of rebuilding their home, their family, their lives, and their future. 

All contributions/donations will be tranferred directly to the Reece family."

Click here to donate to the family!


"Zach, Pauline,  Briella  and Josh Block lost everything they owned last night when their house literally burned to the ground  in the devastating  fires in Santa Rosa. They were forced to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back in the middle of the night. They are a young family just starting out and it would be so great to help them with clothing, necessities etc. until they get on their feet. Their hearts are broken due to this total loss.

Please help with any donation you can,  everything counts.

Lets do all we can to help out this young beautiful family!"

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"Emily, Todd & Talia purchased their house less than a year ago in the Coffey Subdivision, and just finished moving  a lifetime  of irreplaceable treasures, and belongings. The last couple of years have been rough for them - in a year's time Emily lost her Mom and then her Dad and they were on their way to recovery and enjoying life. 

A knock on the door at 1:30 am on Monday changed their lives again. They were told there was a fire and  to evacuate immediately, no chance to grab anything. 

Emily, Todd and Talia left with only "Chops" (stuff animal) and "Blankie" (blanket) .  Minutes later, their house and neighborhood was on the news - the fire had destroyed the neighborhood - no houses remained. When the Careys returned to their home, It was gone, all that remained was the foundation and 2 antique ceramic pitchers that belonged to her mother. 

Emily is a florist, Todd works in the pool business. Along with all their personal belongings, their business supplies, laptops, and Johnson's pool and spa truck perished. 10 long years of hard work up in smoke and she must complete the upcoming wedding events already booked. 

Thank you in advance for helping my cousins, and know that her family is doing everything they can to help her and the beautiful Sonoma County we grew up in."

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