KJ Bride - Emily

Meet Emily, a fun loving blonde and recent newlywed; she was married this past September in Amahlia by Rivini which fit her outdoor ceremony with blush details perfectly. Emily is sharing some of her top tips with future KJ brides, and trust me, they are good! 

1.       Hire people that are not only talented and completely understand your aesthetic but that also have positive energy!! You are with them all day and you want to not only enjoy them as a person but have fun as well. Ex Hair and makeup, especially photographer. I literally cried when my photographer arrived when I was getting ready b/c we had bonded so much and she just made the experience even more special for both Brant and I and all of our wedding guests.

2.       Don’t just assume people know how you want everything set up, be VERY VERY specific if it matters to you.

3.       Stop and pause several moments throughout the big day to soak it all in!!! It goes SO fast.

4.       Create a playlist for when you and all your girlfriends are getting ready! Setting the vibe is so important, and having someone set up a beverage and food station with different hydrating fruits and healthy snacks was a huge help.

5.       Have your MOH handle your cellphone for the majority of the time leading up to the wedding, so many people call for directions or very random things and it can be kinda stressful. Have her take the stress off of your shoulders.

6.       As far as dress shopping, don’t try on too many dresses!! And find a place ( Kinsley James ) that has a welcoming, elegant, and fun atmosphere. Its not often you get to try on beautiful gowns that make you feel like you have never felt with all your most favorite friends and family surrounding you with love and admiration.

7.       Don’t go to Pinterest crazy! I think keeping things classic and simple with little fun touches of ideas from Pinterest is the way to go. Try to make it your own, and original!!!


Emily added this gorgeous pale pink David Yurman ring to her wedding attire. We were beyond obsessed! It is shown with the earrings she also wore and her grandmother's hankie that was gifted her for the big day. 

Dress - Amahlia by Rivini

Photographer - Stacey Pentland 

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